Hojicha Powder

Hojicha powder, green tea powder imported from abroad, is the green tea leaves that have been roasted to the required 200-300. Must ask those who want to roast with the color of the tea leaves to get brown. Grind it until it becomes a smooth powder. hojicha powder wholesale price
It has a fragrance that is usually unscented. Unflavored color which is mixed with flour, then brewed to get a soft and smooth taste.

hojicha wholesale price

Unique identity of Hojicha Powder

Color of tea powder : light brown powder similar to the color of the bark
Smell : Mild green tea scent
Taste : Mild roasted tea aroma
Brewing : Brew in hot water mixed with milk
How to use : Dissolve in hot water.
Shelf life : can be stored for 1 year
Packing size per bag : 250 grams
Cost per glass : 13-15 baht / glass for glass 16-22 oz.
1 kg can brew 230-250 glasses

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Product Price (Baht)
1-5kg 6-25kg 26-50kg 51-200kg
Premium Green Tea 350 330 300 280
Green Tea Gold 500 480 430 350
Fresh Green Tea 500 480 430 350
Jasmine Green Tea 280 250 230 200
Green Tea (no color) 300 290 280 250
Matcha Powder 1200 1100 1000 980
Hojicha Powder 1200 1100 1000 980
Ujimatcha Powder 700/1-20 Bag 650/21-100 Bag 600/101-200 Bag
Chiang Mai Green Tea 350 330 300 280
Yaak Green Tea 350 330 300 280

How to brew hojicha powder to get a mellow taste

Hojicha is similar to matcha powder. But the difference is that “Hojicha” will roast the tea leaves to change the color and get the fragrance from roasting the tea leaves. When crushed, the color of the powder is brownish. It has a milder and less bitter taste than matcha powder. It can be used as a substitute for matcha powder. Another finely ground green tea powder that, when brewed, will have a perfectly delicious taste. Helps to drink easily Another option to add a drink menu in your store.

Cold Hojicha Recipe

Recipe ingredient

  • Hojicha powder 1 teaspoon
  • 60 ml of hot water
  • Fresh milk 90 ml.
  • 25 ml syrup
  • ice

How to make the recipe ?

  • Pour hot water into hojicha powder. Beat hojicha powder until dissolved and set aside.
  • Pour fresh milk into a measuring cup. Add syrup, stir well.
  • Pour the milk mixture into the glass.
  • scoop ice into glass Pour hojicha on top
hojicha powder

FAQ (frequently asked question)

Q : Is hojicha powder flavored?
A : Our hojicha powder is made from real green tea, no flavoring, real green tea fragrance.

Q : Is hojicha powder a product from within or from abroad?
A : It is an imported product from abroad.

Q : How long can it be stored?
A : It can be stored for up to 1 years.

Q : Do you use a lot of hojicha powder to make a brew?
A : You don’t need a large amount. because it is already concentrated

Q : Why is the color of hojicha powder and matcha powder different?
A : Hojicha powder has a brown tone powder color. barky Because the tea leaves are roasted until they change color. The matcha powder is green according to the color of the tea leaves.

We are selling hojicha powder wholesale price.

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