Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea is made from imported graded oolong tea leaves. baked with real jasmine Through a unique process of the Bluemocha tea roasting plant, the tea leaves have the scent of jasmine flowers. feel refreshed Suitable for clear brewing rather than milk brewing. And do not recommend using strong-smelling syrups as it will drown out the scent of jasmine.


Unique identity of Jasmine Tea

Tea color : yellowish brown
Smell : Clear jasmine scent
Taste : mellow, not astringent
Brewing : filter bag / boil
How to use : Suitable for clear brewing, syrup.
Shelf life : can be stored for 1 year
Packing size per bag : 500 grams
Cost per glass : 10-15 baht / glass for glass 16-22 oz.
1 kg can brew 180-200 glasses

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Free FDA request when ordering 100 kg or more
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Product Price (Baht)
1-5kg 6-25kg 26-50kg 51-200kg
Jasmine Tea 450 430 400 350
H114 Jasmine Tea 420 400 380 350
Rose Tea 550 530 480 350
Butterfly Pea Tea 550 530 480 350
Roselle Tea 500 480 430 350

How to brew jasmine tea to get a mellow taste

Want to drink tea to relieve stress ? Must think of fragrant Jasmine Tea, smooth and refreshing to drink. Because it can drink both hot and cold menus. If any tea shop wants real jasmine tea, no smell, no color, must choose jasmine tea leaves from Bluemocha tea roasting plant. Let’s drink cold jasmine tea to cool off the heat.

Recipe ingredient

  • Jasmine tea 5 grams
  • 150 ml of hot water
  • Syrup 30 ml.
  • ice

How to make the recipe ?

  1. Soak the jasmine tea leaves in the hot water that has been prepared. Soak for about 6 minutes.
  2. Then strain the tea leaves. and then take the tea.
  3. Then bring the tea to knock out the cold (chilled for about 30 minutes) to get a mellow tea taste.
  4. When the cold knock is finished Let’s pour the tea into the Czech cylinder. followed by syrup.
  5. then scoop the ice into the Czech cylinder Then shake all the ingredients together.
  6. Pour all ingredients into the prepared glass. That’s all, it’s ready to serve.

FAQ (frequently asked question)

Q : What color is jasmine tea?
A : Jasmine tea will have a clear color. suitable for making clear menus

Q : What kind of tea can be brewed with jasmine tea?
A : Bring to a boil or use a filter bag. But cannot be used with the maker.

Q : I would like a recipe for making jasmine tea. because it will open a new store
A : We have a brewing recipe for free. You can ask the staff right away.

Q : If buying a large amount, is there a promotion?
A : when ordering tea (mixed tea) 6 kg or more You will receive a wholesale price immediately.

Q : What is the difference between jasmine green tea and jasmine green tea?
A : Clear jasmine tea has a clear color that is more suitable for brewing clear tea. But jasmine green tea is green, suitable for making milk tea.

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