Chiang Mai bluemocha tea factory, OEM tea production

Chiang Mai bluemocha tea factory, OEM tea production for bubble tea franchise, coffee brand, bubble tea franchise 19 baht, tea franchise 25 baht, coffee brand, if you want different tea flavors. We can produce for you as required or on demand . We have tea leaves that are produced from Thailand and tea leaves imported from abroad for test more than 40 types of tea leaves, all kinds of tea leaves Suitable for cold menus, milk menus, smoothie menus in your shop, especially Help enhance the taste of your restaurant’s drink to be delicious in every glass.

Why tea production with Bluemocha ?

Why tea production with Bluemocha

Factory certification standards

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OEM tea production Chiang Mai for tea franchise, coffee shop franchise
–  Free packaging & Logo design
–  Free shipping nationwide When ordering tea leaves minimum of 5,000 kg or more
–  Free FDA registration service. When ordering tea leaves minimum of 100 kg or more
–  Adjust tea leaf recipes and flavors on demand
– Free tea samples for testing
– Free submission of certificates for customers who want to export abroad.

Procedure for OEM tea production

  • customer information The tea you want to produce with us and we will send you the tea that is available for testing.
  • In case the customer has the desired tea leaves can be sent to us for testing to compare the taste and to produce new tea
  • Once the desired flavor is obtained, the Bluemocha tea factory will send samples back for testing. and notify the tea production date
  • If the customer wants the tea factory to design a logo or design a label, please ask admin staff.
  • Customers can choose the type of envelope or color. The team will send pictures to choose from, or if the customer has the desired envelope. can be delivered to the factory
  • The tea factory will notify the cost. and send the purchase order to the customer to sign for acknowledgment
  • Customers make 100% payment before production.
  • Tea factory delivers goods as scheduled.

Tea leaves are imported from abroad, OEM tea production

Chiang Mai bluemocha tea factory importing tea leaves from abroad origin bubble milk tea of the world, known popularly as Taiwan tea leaves, we have Taiwan tea leaves more than 8 types to choose from. Customers can mix tea each type to get the desired taste which each type of tea leaves is unique but different in smell and taste when mixing milk for pearl milk tea.

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Production of green tea powder, Thai tea powder,
Taiwanese tea powder for pearl milk tea shop

Chiang Mai bluemocha tea factory production and sale of tea leaves for bubble tea shops, coffee shops, tea leaves can be brewed with the coffee machine immediately, to brew a boil or a filter bag. We have more than 15 years of experience. Raw materials for our tea leaves mainly uses tea leaves in Chiang Mai local, Chiang Rai province. We produce more than 40 types of tea leaves. We mainly import tea leaves from Taiwan and there are some tea leaves from China. Most imported tea leaves are tea leaves for making pearl milk tea menu which tea leaves are imported it has a different taste from Thai tea leaves and there are more than 10 types. Franchise owners can contact us to get a free sample for test.

FAQ (frequently asked question)

Q : If ordered to produce how many days does it take
A : It depends on the quantity that the customer orders to produce. Most start at 7 days, 15 days, 20 days.

Q : Can you invent tea leaves according to customer needs?
A : We have a service to mix new tea recipes for customers to get different tastes. from franchises in the market

Q : Do you have samples to try?
A : We provide free samples. can be requested from admin staff.

Q : Can I choose the color of the tea bag?
A : Yes, customers can inform the team about the color of the envelope according to their needs.

Q : What are the conditions for applying for the FDA?
A : We provide free FDA filing service for customers who order production from 100 kg per cycle.

Q : What are the terms of delivery?
A : When customers order tea from 5,000 kg or more, we offer free tea delivery nationwide. But if you order less than 5,000 kg per time, we have a special delivery rate. Please ask admin staff.

Q : What is the price of tea leaves? How many are there?
A : tea leaf rate for customers who order to produce We will have a special rate. which is more special than the normal wholesale price Inquire and ask to see the price from admin staff.

More information

Bluemocha tea roster factory production of tea leaves for franchises We have tea leaves produced from raw materials in Thailand and tea leaves imported from abroad more than 30 types to choose from, the minimum starting production is 51 kg. Customers can choose the packing size, whether it is 250g, 500g, 1000g, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg. If the customer wants to apply for the FDA, must order a minimum of 100 kg, can contact to admin staff directly. Customers can request free samples for testing and we also have a consulting service about the taste of tea leaves. Customers can design tea flavors according to their own needs. Our factory also has a graphic team. to provide free logo or label design services unlimited adjustments until customers are satisfied or if you want us to print your message or logo on the tea bags. You can inquire about the minimum amount with us. In addition, we also offer free delivery of tea leaves nationwide in case the customer has an order from 5,000 kg, but if the production order is lower than that, you can ask for a special delivery rate. All information, customers can inquire with the sales team both on Line and the phone number below.

Chiang Mai bluemocha tea factory : Address 33 Taewarit Rd, Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300
Tel.064-9045146, Line : @bluemochacoffee , Facebook : @bluemochatea