Cream cheese


Creamy cream cheese powder

– Cream cheese powder dissolves in cold water immediately, dissolves easily.
– Whipped cream cheese powder gives a slightly salty cheese taste.
– Whipped cream cheese powder with a very milky aroma
– Suitable for topping drinks
– Cream cheese powder can be stored for 1 year.
– Free shipping when ordering 5,000 baht or more (regular wholesale rate)
– Free request from the FDA when ordering 100 kg or more
– Free delivery when ordering from 5,000kg or more (special wholesale rate Ask the staff on line )

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Cream cheese wholesale price table

Instructions for making cream cheese powder

Cream cheese powder is made with cold water only. Use the ratio given and beat continuously for about 5 minutes until the cream cheese is fluffy and sticky.

Cream cheese whipping recipe

Instant Cream Cheese Powder, Creamy whipped cream powder, cheese flavor, ready to brew, can be dissolved immediately in very cold water. Whipped cream cheese powder consists of milk and cheese together, when brewed, simply dissolve in cold water. You don’t need to mix anything more. Suitable for topping drinks such as pearl milk tea, iced coffee menu and cocoa menu.

Recipe ingredient

  • 30 g cream cheese powder
  • 50 ml cold water

How to make the recipe ?

  1. Pour the cream cheese powder into a mixing bowl and add cold water.
  2. use a whisk Or with a mixer, beat the mixture gently to dissolve the cream cheese powder.
  3. increase the speed of beating then check the cream Let the cream flow smoothly and homogeneously, not dripping into water.

FAQ (frequently asked question)

Q : How do you make whipped cheese powder?
A : Whip cheese powder can be dissolved in cold water immediately. No need to mix anything more. We have formulas and ratios for you.

Q : Is the whipped cheese powder Thai or foreign?
A : Whip Cheese Powder is a product produced from a factory in Thailand. but uses some raw materials from abroad

Q : Is the whipped cheese powder salty?
A : Whip cheese powder tastes a little salty, a little oily.

Q : If the bag is opened, how is it stored?
A : It is recommended to store in glass jars with tightly closed lids.

Q : How many glasses of 1 bag of whipped cheese powder (800g) can be made?
A : Approximately 40-50 glasses, but it depends on the amount we scoop per time as well.

Q : What are the conditions for applying for the FDA?
A : We have a free FDA application service for customers who order production from 100 kg per cycle.

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