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Thai Tea What the type of tea used for brewing ?

Thai Tea Maker To brew iced tea, which tea leaves should you choose? How to brew to get orange tea that many people are very familiar with each other.  “Thai Tea” or some people call it “Char Yen” or “Char Thai” is a drink invented by Thai people that is characterized by milk tea with a unique orange color. It is also a popular drink for foreign tourists with deliciousness. With a unique aroma, many times “thai tea” is often ranked as a delicious drink



About Thai Tea

On February 22, 2023, the famous food website TasteAtlas ranked the 100 most delicious drinks in the world (non-alcoholic drinks). The 1st-3rd place winners are No. 1 Hong Kong-Style Milk Tea from Hong Kong, No. 2 Aguas Frescas from Mexico and No. 3 Chai masala from India.

About Thai Tea, If anyone is wondering what tea this delicious orange drink is brewed from ? Where can I buy this tea powder? Today, Bluemocha, we as an entrepreneur specializing in coffee and tea, OEM&ODM tea production, we will solve this question for you.

ชงชาไทย Thai Tea

“Thai Tea” It is a tea that was invented by Thai people with a unique orange color.  It originated from raw materials such as Ceylon tea that originated from Sri Lanka. But because Ceylon tea has a high price. Therefore, many areas have turned to Assamese tea leaves or oolong tea for production instead. Ceylon tea powder has been added for blending, as well as flavoring to make the taste of red tea powder more clear. But nowadays it is also known as red tea powder. However, Ceylon tea powder is still commercially available. 

Red Tea Powder is made from coarsely ground Assam tea leaves that are roasted and baked until dried, then added color to add a clear smell to red tea powder. If you use it to brew red tea powder, just add fresh milk. I can say that making red tea powder is very easy. Red tea powder can also be brewed into clear tea. I like lemon tea, black tea.

In conclusion What tea do you need to brew Thai tea ?

To brew Thai Tea? You need to buy red tea powder (Thai Tea Powder), or some shops may use the word red tea powder directly. 

ยิ่งในปัจจุบันนี้บอกเลยว่ามีผงชาให้ได้ลองใช้กันเยอะมากตามท้องตลาดทั่วไป แถมยังมีหลายราคา หลากรสชาติอีกด้วย ! วันนี้เราเองก็ไม่พลาดที่จะมาแนะนำผงชาแดง ผงชาสำหรับชงชาไทยให้ได้ลองเลือกใช้กัน


    Premium Red Tea

    Premium Red Tea Red tea powder concentrated from Chiang Mai tea factory produced from main raw materials such as Assam tea leaves. The special formula is specially formulated by the factory itself, where the tea leaves are roasted and baked at the right temperature until the leaves have a distinct aroma. It can brew coffee machines, Moga Pot boilers, and soaked in a filter bag.

    Price 125 Baht 500 g/bag  More Details

      Chatramue Red Thai Tea 

      Ready-to-brew tea powder The original recipe Red Label that many shops prefer to choose with a good selection of tea varieties. It is meticulously processed until the tea has a strong flavor and aroma. The price is 85 baht per bag of 400 grams, and there are also 200 gram bags, 200 grams small cans, 450 grams large cans to choose from. More Details

      Thai Tea Chang Thong

      red tea powder powder with a unique aroma, beautiful colors and soft taste according to the authentic red tea powder style. It can be used to brew both red tea powder. Hot tea, lemon tea, brewed in a machine, filter bag, price 55 baht, size 400 grams/bag. More Details 

        Thai Tea 20kg

        Thai Tea thai tea

        Red tea powder red tea powder is made from more than 4 types of tea leaves that are mixed with various types of tea leaves that have improved the aroma to make it more fragrant. The taste is rich, giving a clear Thai tea. Open any kind of shop that can brew both maker and filter bag. Moka Pot Super comfortable, price 150 baht, 500 grams per bag. More Details


        If anyone is looking for Thai tea powder. Red Tea Powder To brew this red tea powder dish, you can try the top 4 that we have shared with each other. Because the red tea powder we chose is tea powder at the coffee and tea shop. Traditional coffee shops are the most popular choices, and they can also be purchased in bulk at wholesale prices. 

        In addition to the presentation that red tea powder brewing must be chosen. Red tea powder or instant red tea powder It also targets 4 popular red tea powders that brew red tea powder and get the richness and deliciousness perfectly. Not only that, but we also have a basic recipe for red tea powder. A simple recipe for making lemon tea as well. With just one bag of red tea powder, you can create a variety of dishes. 

        Thai Tea Recipe  

        ชงชาไทย tea tea Thailand


        1. Thai Tea Powder 14 กรัม
        2. 1 tablespoon non-dairy creamer
        3. 60 ml whole milk
        4. 40 ml sweetened condensed milk
        5. ice

        How to make

        1. Extract 120 ml of red tea.
        2. Add creamer Sweetened condensed milk, stir until the mixture is completely dissolved.
        3. Add fresh milk to it. Stir well again.
        4. Scoop ice into a glass and then pour in red tea powder.

        Lemon tea recipe

        ชงชาไทย Thailand Thai Tea


        1. Thai Tea Powder 14 กรัม
        2. 40 ml of syrup.
        3. 1 teaspoon lemon powder
        4. ice

        How to make

        1. Extract 180 ml of red tea.
        2. Add syrup. Powder the lemon into it. Stir to dissolve well.
        3. Scoop ice into a glass. Pour lemon tea into it.

        Can take Red tea powder you have is transformed into other red tea powder dishes by adding toppings such as pearls, whipped cream, whipped cheese, etc. Two-tone tea to attract customers to the store, such as Thai coffee tea, cocoa Thai tea, Thai green tea, etc. Even making Thai tea-flavored desserts, custard for bread. Make it into a sauce, toppings, or many more. As simple as that, it will help you make sales from red tea powder on many menus.