Red Tea Gold

Red Tea Gold is an improvement of the formula from red tea, making it fragrant and darker, suitable for brewing with milk, delicious taste, with a unique aroma. The raw materials used are 100% specially formulated Assam tea leaves from Thailand, invented with the unique technique of the Bluemocha tea roasting plant and roasted at the right temperature. to get tea leaves with a unique aroma and gives a unique, intense flavor Suitable for making iced tea, milk tea.


Unique identity of Red Tea Gold

Tea Color : Orange
Smell : milky scent
Taste : intense, not astringent
Brewing : Coffee machine / filter bag
How to use : Suitable for making milk tea.
Shelf life : can be stored for 1 year
Packing size per bag : 500 grams
Cost per glass : 8-13 baht / glass for glass 16-22 oz.
1 kg can make 80-100 glasses

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สินค้า ราคา(บาท)
1-5kg 6-25kg 26-50kg 51-200kg
ชาแดงพรีเมียม 250 230 200 190
ชาแดงโกลด์ 400 380 350 300
ชาแดงเชียงใหม่ 350 330 300 280
ชาแดง No.9 350 330 300 280
ชาแดงโบราณ 400 380 350 300
ชาแดงเมลโล่ 250 230 200 190
ชารอยบอส 480/1ถุง(200g)
ชาไทย 65 250 230 200 190
ชาไทยยักษ์ สินค้ามาใหม่ ! 350 330 300 280

How to make delicious red tea gold

How to brew Red tea gold or how to brew Thai tea (gold) to get a delicious, mellow taste ? Must use concentrated red tea leaves. It has a unique scent. When brewed, it will help to make your drink more delicious. Even if left with ice, it still gives concentration. You can definitely make an impression on the customers of your store.

Thai Tea Recipe

Recipe ingredient

  • 14 grams of tea powder
  • Creamer 1 tbsp.
  • 60 ml. fresh milk
  • 40 ml sweetened condensed milk
  • ice

How to make the recipe ?

  • Maker : extracts 120 ml of tea.
    Filter bag : use 175 ml of hot water, steep the tea leaves for 3-5 minutes, pour the tea alternately 3-4 times.
  • Then filter 120 ml of tea.
  • Add creamer, sweetened condensed milk, fresh milk to the tea, stir well.
  • glass ice scoop and then pour the tea.

FAQ (frequently asked question)

Q : How is Gold Red Tea different from Premium Red Tea?
A : Premium red tea Taste like natural Thai tea Both the flavor and the resulting color are weaker than Gold Red Tea.

Q : Can it be stored for more than 6 months?
A : Our tea can be stored for up to 1 year.

Q : Red Gold tea is made from what tea leaves?
A : Made from Assam tea leaves. clear fragrance

Q : How much is the cost per glass?
A : The cost of a glass is 8-13 baht for a glass of 16-22 ounces.

Chiang Mai bluemocha tea factory : Address 33 Taewarit Rd, Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300

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