Taiwan Tea Z-2

Taiwan tea Z-2 is made from mixed grade Assam tea leaves. Through a special process at Bluemocha Tea Factory, the tea leaves are powdered more finely than other types of Taiwanese tea leaves and are not colored. not through flavoring Therefore, there is a clear aroma of Assam tea. and mellow Suitable for dairy beverages.

ไต้หวัน Z-2

Unique identity of Taiwan tea Z-2

Tea color : reddish brown
Smell : Assam scent
Taste : Mellow
Brewing : Brewed in hot water and mostly mixed with milk-type raw materials.
How to use : Can brew 2 ways: filter bag / boil
Shelf life : can be stored for 1 year
Packing size per bag : 500 grams
Cost per glass : 10-15 baht / glass for glass 16-22 oz.
1 kg can make 70-100 glasses.

Free delivery when ordering tea leaves over 5,000 baht (regular wholesale rate)
Free FDA request when ordering 100 kg or more
Free delivery! When ordering from 5,000 kg or more (special wholesale price rate, please ask admin staff on Line @Bluemochacoffee)

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Product Price(Baht)
1-5kg 6-25kg 26-50kg 51-200kg
Taiwan Tea 400 380 350 300
Premium Taiwan Tea 420 400 380 350
Taiwan Tea GA-3 350 330 300 280
Taiwan Tea GC-8 400 380 350 300
Oolong Tea Gold GD-8 400 380 350 300
Taiwan Tea GO-3 400 380 350 300
Taiwan Tea Z-2 350 330 300 280
Peanut butter Tea 500 480 430 350
Chin Chin Taiwan Tea 400 380 350 300
FenFen Taiwan Tea 350 330 300 280
Blacktea No.15 420 400 380 350

How to brew Taiwan tea Z-2 to get a mellow taste

Anyone who sells bubble tea ever noticed that Why do some bubble tea shops have more customers than ours even though they sell the same type of beverage? In fact, raw materials like tea leaves are very important because choosing tea leaves must choose quality tea leaves. unique fragrance Like the tea leaves of the Bluemocha tea roasting plant, when the main raw material such as quality tea leaves It will help make the drinks in our shop delicious. and there are more and more customers But don’t worry because today we have a delicious recipe for you. Can be made into a regular menu at your store.

Recipe ingredient

  1. 14 grams of tea powder
  2. 2 tbsp creamer
  3. 60 ml. fresh milk
  4. 40 ml sweetened condensed milk
  5. ice

How to make the recipe ?

  1. Maker : extracts 120 ml of tea.
    Filter bag : use 175 ml of hot water, steep the tea leaves for 3-5 minutes, pour the tea alternately 3-4 times, then filter 120 ml of tea.
  2. Add creamer, sweetened condensed milk and mix well.
  3. Add fresh milk to follow. Stir well again.
  4. scoop ice into glass and then pour the tea.
  5. You can add pearl toppings or others as you like.

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